Monday, October 14, 2013

New Releases!


I hope this blog post finds everyone doing well. I love this time of year. The leaves are beginning to change colors here and the nights have been getting chilly. It's the perfect weather to curl up inside by the fireplace with a good book!

I'm happy to announce that my two latest projects are now available for sale. Both books are works of fiction.

Crossroads: A Quirky Choose Your Own Adventure Story

This book is by far the goofiest thing that I've ever written! The story takes place in "Anytown, USA." All of the characters have quirky but accurate names like "Plain Jane," "John Doe" (brother to Cookie), and "Busy Beebe." The book is basically a screwball comedy. It's also a "choose your own adventure." Once you get to a certain point in the story, the readers will face a series of choices-- or crossroads-- and they can choose where they'd like to go next.

From the back cover:

"Welcome to Anytown, USA, the setting of this quirky choose your own adventure story. The town is home Plain Jane who led a rather uneventful life until the day she discovered a remarkable self-help book:

“Are you living a hum-drum life? Do you feel like you’re stuck in a rut? Is the reality of your adult life far from the one you imagined as a child? Then look no further! The book in your hands has the power to change your life forever. Following our simple plan can break down the barriers that are keeping you from living an exciting life! You’ll never have to endure another hum-drum, boring day!

Iam Xcitin is the author of several ground breaking self-help books including Peon Me No Longer: Taking Charge of Your Life and Your Career, Are You a Doormat?, and How to Overcome Your Hum-Drum Life.”

Plain Jane was skeptical at first. The author claimed "changing your life is as simple as changing your attitude." Could it really be that easy?

Please, join our heroine as she chronicles a single week of her life. The story is a "choose your own adventure." Throughout the book Plain Jane will find herself at a series of crossroads. It's up to you, the reader, to choose where she'll go next or what course of action she'll take. The excitement or "boringness" of the story is entirely up to you!"


As the name implies, "Shorts" is a collection of short fiction that I wrote over a fifteen year period. There is a combination of short stories and poetry. Some of the entries are light hearted and fun, but some of the others are rather dark. I like to think of the latter as my "demon slaying" stories.

From the back cover:

"As the title suggests, Shorts is a collection of short fiction by the author, H. S. Contino. The book contains a combination of short stories and poems that were written over a fifteen year period. The subject matter of the work is diverse. There are light hearted pieces including "Grandpa's Tall Tale," but there are also much darker pieces such as "Hindsight." Many of the stories are infused with the author's unique sense of humor.

A firm believer that writing is a practice, Contino enjoys trying new things and tackling new challenges. She often begins her writing day with shorter "warm up" exercises before moving on to her longer works. Many of the entries in this collection are the result of writing prompts, free writing exercises, and experiments.

The collection demonstrates the diversity of the author, a self-proclaimed "hodgepodge." It also demonstrates how her writing style has developed over the years."

Both books are available on (retail price $10 US). Or, if you prefer to purchase a signed copy directly from the author, please e-mail me at

In addition, I've listed 1 free signed paperback copy of each book on Good Reads. Please follow the above links to enter the free giveaway.

As always, I'd like to thank all of you for helping make my writing dreams a reality. Your continued support means so much to me.

Thank you,

H. S. Contino

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